Climate Change Nebraska


Environmental Racism: How Climate Change Disproportionately Impacts Communities of Color A legacy of racism leaves people of color most susceptible to climate change and environmental hazards By: Aila Ganić Advertisement from the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign. Courtesy of the Sierra Club A mid-August sun beats down on a middle-aged roofer in South Omaha. He’s

More Reliance on Renewables, Efficient Vehicles and Better Buildings Means Less Reliance on Heat-Trapping Fossil Fuels By: Emerson McManus Just north of Omaha, a nearly finished house crowns the peak of a hill. The one-story structure with a sea-foam-green roof is surrounded by native grasses bending in the wind and neat stacks of chopped firewood. annual migration of sandhill cranes over the Platte River near Kearney, Neb. Video by Michael Forsberg Colorado Construction Cranes May Harm Nebraska’s Sandhill Cranes Denver’s booming population poses potential problems for farmers and wildlife dependent on South Platte River Basin By: Brittni McGuire The sun peeks over the horizon. Construction workers in white hard