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How Nebraska’s Climate Education Could Shape the Future By: Mia Hartley   Widget courtesy of Tick. Tick. Tick. It’s a sound that echoes louder and louder in the mind of Tela Hamric. The 13-year-old can’t shake the feeling that time is running out.   Tick. Tick. Tick.   Seven years, 66 days, 13 hours,

“Going Red” How the Winnebago are planting ancient corn to regrow their culture. By: Andrianna Jacobs One day in the late summer of 2020, a Winnebago tribal elder was anxious to see her field of dreams—row after row of her beloved Indian corn stretching to the horizon.   Thirty-five years earlier, she had restored the

Nebraska Races to Catch Its Windy Neighbors By: Carmelo Lattuca Amid acres of swaying grasslands and rows of corn and soybeans, a newcomer rises high above the Nebraska prairie. Giant steel wind turbines three times the size of a cottonwood spin in the state’s steady breeze. The spinning towers now churn out 20% of Nebraska’s

More Reliance on Renewables, Efficient Vehicles and Better Buildings Means Less Reliance on Heat-Trapping Fossil Fuels By: Emerson McManus Just north of Omaha, a nearly finished house crowns the peak of a hill. The one-story structure with a sea-foam-green roof is surrounded by native grasses bending in the wind and neat stacks of chopped firewood.

Breezy Nebraska Could Also Be a Solar Powerhouse By: Annelise Christen Light glides over the Nebraska prairie, flushing the darkness from its path to reveal the manifestation of Cliff Mesner’s dream. The sun strikes dark, rectangular panels floating above what used to be a gravel lot. Electrons fire across millions of circuits and shoot off

Managing Nebraska’s Water Is Critical to the Health of Its People and Crops By: Celeste Kenworthy Connor Baldwin grew up in a town with contaminated drinking water – the kind linked to a slew of potentially fatal health problems for infants and adults.   At the time, the residents of Creighton, Nebraska, didn’t know why

A Call for Change: Putting a Price on Carbon Using economics to battle climate change By: Lindsay Johnson Lesley Castanaza (left) and Steven Kirchner (right) during the 2017 climate march at the Nebraska State Capitol. Photo by Adam Fenton Sixty-seven-year-old Una Taylor and her husband could only watch, flabbergasted, as the March 2019 flood waters

Efforts to improve Nebraska’s soil may reduce the risks of climate change too By: Jenna McCoy Del Ficke has been called the “Walt Whitman of soils.” “I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I like Walt Whitman,” he says. “So, what the hell?” Ficke does tend to wax poetically about the quality of